Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anchor Chart "Bulletin Board"

At the end of last school year, I began creating anchor charts with my students.  I can't believe I never did so earlier!  The problem was I really didn't have a great place to display them afterwards without taking up my already limited whiteboard space.  This was my solution!  Given I am already doing a nautical theme (more on that later), this was a perfect addition.  I will be able to include at least 3 of these charts (with sticky back) at any given time - possibly even 4.  I'm not one to change boards all the time, so this allows for change with little effort!  Win - win!  The word "charts" is actually done in rope from the fabric section in Walmart.  I hot-glued it in place.    This is not a real "bulletin board."  I hot-glued paper to the wall as well as the trim to tie it all together and provide for a little more color.  Do you guys create anchor charts?  If so, where or how do you display them?


  1. I see you brought your cutest classroom accessory with you! I cannot believe your kids come on Wed. Remind me what state do you teach in? This coming week is our family vacation and I cannot wait for some R&R after a week of math training where I thought, on more than one occasion, that my head might explode. :)

  2. I'm in Georgia. I certainly hope you enjoy your vacation! While I cannot believe we are already back at it, I am looking forward to the many week-long breaks scattered throughout our year! The hubby and I were just discussing plans for fall break! ;)

    I did just post pics of my mostly finished room. You'll have to check that out too.