Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Desk Caddies...

This is perhaps one of my most favorite things.  My dad and I (okay more like he) made these for me a last summer.  I attended a workshop on interactive notebooks.  The facilitator had these and I knew I must have them too!  They are awesome.  Everything is right there!  (And some very clever student from last year says hi! ;) ) 

A lazy susan is attached to the bottom.  I was able to purchase these off of ebay for a reasonable price.  I didn't have them covered with felt last year, and they would mar the desks so I hot-glued the felt to take care of that problem.  

The caddy is the size of my personal-sized white board.  I also keep  file folders that act as privacy screens for quizzes/test, etc.

On top, he placed another board with holes through that for the rubber cement to be held in.  

The containers are drink can coozies.  There are pros and cons to these.  The pros:  quiet, colorful, easy to assemble and replace.  Cons:  students LOVE to write on them.  One even got cut last year.  I guess the scissors were too tempting.  I did a rainbow last year with each "table" getting a different color.  This year, I went with all navy/yellow combination.   The cost of the coozies can be reasonable provided you get them on sale.  I got them 2/$1.  I think last year I may have even got them 3/$1 from Michael's.  I cut the two side ones (the yellow ones) down to hold glue sticks and a pencil sharpener.  

I am always asked if students take the supplies.  The answer?  Not really.  Sometimes the erasers go missing, but the other supplies are usually left alone.

How do students get supplies easily in your room?


  1. This is so awesome!! Loving it!
    ☼ Kate
    To The Square Inch

  2. Thanks Kate! I do really love them. Having supplies right there saves so much time, so we use them more.