Thursday, September 6, 2012


Homework has long been an issue I've struggled with in my room.  If the concept is new, I never graded the homework for accuracy.  What began to happen is some students started slacking off and not doing or completing it.  Though I have used discipline to handle this, I kept thinking there has to be a better way.  I'm not sure that I've found it or not, but this is what I'm doing:

When the assignment is not being graded, each student will be awarded up to 10 completion points.  After 10 "non-graded" assignments, a participation grade based on those points will be awarded.  I've never given participation grades before.  My logic here is that homework is only 10% of the overall grade.  If I award up to 4 participation grades out of 10 total homework grades then only up to 4 points of the overall grade came from these.  These grades will also show a pattern with work ethic, and those that always try and work hard will be rewarded, if even only slightly.  

I keep 4 clipboards hanging behind my desk in my room.  Each period has one for homework and homework only.  I love this, but really want to make those ugly clipboards a bit more pleasing to the eye! I use stamps (love me some Vistaprint!)for this:  a blue "homework complete" and a red "Incomplete ___/10" 

How do you all deal with homework that was meant for practice?

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  1. I teach middle school math. Everyday in class, students take out their homework while working on their warm-up activity. I go around and just quickly check that it is done. Students receive either a 2, 1, or 0 as their homework grade that day. (A 2 is given for complete work done in pencil with all work is shown. A 1 is if it’s in pen or no work is shown. A 0 is if they don’t have it at all.) I then show the problems and the solutions on my Smartboard. Students check their own work and raise their hands if there are any questions. I do any problem that their is a question about. Normally, it’s only 3 or 4. The process doesn’t usually take more than 7 minutes. Hope this helps!